About us

Ottyag is a russian word for ‘Party Hard’. Yes, we like to party. We like to ottyag.

Konstantin Zotov and Gleb Sinyutkin

Ottyag Studio

Ottyag is a creative graphic design studio. We specialize in illustrations and branding. Our clients are streetwear, extreme sport brands and some rock bands. Especially punk bands.

Ottyag studio was founded in 2011 by two graphic designers Konstantin Zotov and Gleb Sinyutkin while collaborating on the project Aybat Hallar: Something Nice.

Ottyag T-Shirts

Ottyag Clothing

After 5 years of working on some brands, we have decided to launch a clothing line.

All our products are manufactured in Moscow and we control the production process. Right now in our store only three types of t-shirts, but we are planning this year to expand the range of up to 30 different products.

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